Bird Products

Bring the joy of bird watching right into the comfort of your own backyard with SSMG’s collection of Bird Products. We offer backyard birding products and accessories for those who love being close to nature and take pride in sprucing up their homes. We have a plethora of options including stunning bird houses, exotic wild bird feeders, and captivating bird baths to suit your style and personality.

With sturdy and elegant designs, our houses/feeders and accessories add a rustic finish to your patio as well as a home for your winged friends. Just set up, watch, and enjoy!


nICE Cooler/Hydration products were designed for ALL things outdoors. With innovation being our top priority, we’re bringing new products like the Cannon Can Cooler.


Who doesn’t love yard decorations during the holidays? Whether it is giant Christmas Trees, Elves on a Ladder, a Giant Turkey, or a Trio of Pumpkins on a Haybale. Whatever your taste, we have something just for you and your yard will be the talk of the neighborhood this fall and winter.

Plus it makes the kids smile and who doesn’t love to see children smile?


SSMG’s fountains have revolutionized the fountain category. Hand-crafted from fiberglass and resin, our fountains surpass the traditional concrete or stone construction in both design detail and strength. Our collections range from the birdbath style and multi-tier traditional forms to cutting-edge modern.
Interior Misting Fountains by Southern Interiors add beauty and serenity to indoor spaces. By using negative ions, they infuse the air with mists that benefit your health and mood. Any DIY’er can install our fountains without assistance!